Creating an Environmentally Healthy Home

By Let Mommy Sleep. August 12, 2013

All children need a safe and healthy home.  Children spend around 90% of their time indoors, and most of that in their bedrooms.  The relationship between the home environment and human health has been well established.  Children are particularly susceptible to environmental toxins in the home and the impact that these toxins have on their developing bodies.

How can you make a healthy home? The following are some issues which can affect the health of a home, and some steps to take to reduce hazards.

"Real" Developmental Milestones

By Let Mommy Sleep. July 28, 2013

As new parents we all live for developmental smiles at 6 weeks, start solids around 4-5 months, etc. We even research age related markers in the womb ("Look honey, she's the size of a kidney bean this week!") As time goes on, we realize that us PARENTS have milestones too.