The Truth About Breastfeeding to Sleep

By Let Mommy Sleep. September 29, 2013

When parents ask Heidi Streufert, RN, CLC if it's okay to let their baby fall asleep at the breast, she usually responds, "I dare you to try to keep them awake!" 

"But seriously," says Heidi. "I typically tell them that newborns will fall asleep while breastfeeding, and not only is this okay, but they will soon discover that the breast is a wonderful tool- nursing is so much more than a way to feed our babies!"

50 Things To Do With Babies During the First Year

By Let Mommy Sleep. August 14, 2013

"Parents -- especially first time parents -- of newborns should get out as often as possible once their pediatrician gives the OK. Early parenting inevitably feels like 'Groundhog Day.' And in addition to breaking up the feed-change-sleep grind, an outing can build parents' confidence," says Denise Stern, owner of Let Mommy Sleep