About Us - South Florida Baby Nurses:

Our Registered Nurses and Newborn Care Providers provide nurturing overnight care to newborns, and postpartum education to their parents. We serve Miami-Dade, Broward, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, Boca Raton and the Keys. 

Agency Owner Rachel Wolf, RN and her partner Ashley Groves, RN are true Baby Nurses! Rachel has cared for newborns since 2005, teaches Newborn & Postpartum Care classes and trains Let Mommy Sleep staff and Ashley is a mom of 2 with a pediatric and maternity nursing history.

Watch Rachel's latest appearance on WPTV to talk Travel Tips with Baby. View our family testimonials here! 


Who is on your team? How can I feel safe with them?

After an extensive interview, we require caregivers to have at a minimum: recent background checks, sparkling references, proof of all vaccinations including yearly flu shots, CPR and continuing education certificates. We also check their clinical history on their state's Board of Nursing.  You will receive all of the potential caregivers information for consideration and can call or meet with them anytime.

What happens during the night?

  • diapering, feeding, burping, soothing, swaddling, bathing and whatever else your baby needs.
  • providing evidence based education to parents
  • breast and bottle feeding support, cleaning and sterelizing breastpump and bottles, prepare formula, give lactation support
  • If parents want, we help baby get on a schedule and sleeping through the night, get twins on the same schedule or help transition baby into the crib. 
  • relief to help mother recuperate from birth physically and emotionally
  • screen and help with postpartum mood changes/disorders.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes!  Friends and family are able to donate hours of sleep to new parents!

What do I need to provide while the nurse is here?

Families need only provide whatever their child needs.  Water, formula, breastmilk, bottles, a nasal aspirator, access to diapers and whatever clothing or items you feel baby needs.  Caregivers also need a small lamp and comfortable area to monitor baby.  (A completely dark nursery doesn't work and we promise a small light will not hinder baby's sleep.)

Can you help with my twins? How about triplets?

We LOVE multiples!  Our night nurses and Newborn Care Providers can easily handle all nighttime feeding, daily planning and helping to get the babies on the same schedule. 

I’m breastfeeding, what’s the point of having overnight care?

In the first nights home from the hospital your LMS nurse offers lactation support through your breastfeeding session to help nursing get off to a successful start.  She will then provide all care after baby has nursed by changing, burping, diapering and soothing back to sleep.

Some families find it helpful to use a night nanny starting 6 or 7 nights after baby is born when baby becomes busier and more wakeful during the night. We still supports mom through her nursing session while also allowing mother to sleep during baby's wakeful times.

What licenses and insurance do you have?

We carry the maximum amount of insurance for the peace of mind of our families. We carry Workers Comp, Error and Ommissions and General Liability. Caregivers and nurses also carry personal insurance

It's important for families to know that there is no specific license to care for 1-4 babies so we hire clinically trained caregivers that are accountable to the Florida Board of Nursing whenever we can. We also wrote a Newborn and Postpartum Care Certificate Course that won a governement contract award. Our classes are now online and have been taught throughout the US.

How can we connect on social media?

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